The Marshalltown – Olympia, WA (Undercover) Review

“Rancid have been covered on several occasions, probably most notably by NOFX, but few have come across as wonderfully eclectic yet still urgent as Chicago punk rockers The Mizzerables‘ and their cover of ‘Olympia, WA’.” —Billy Ho, The Marshalltown (December 4, 2013)

Olympia, WA

Rancid is one of our favorite bands, and this track is one of our favorites off of …And Out Come the Wolves. We recorded this while working on some folky/bluegrass arrangements for a radio show we did. There was a limited release on our main bandcamp site, but we feel that the Undercover Series is its appropriate home.

Check back in two weeks for another track!

Joe Mizzi – Vocals / Mandolin
Adam Instefjord – Guitar / Bass
Dave Vazzano – Drums

The track is also available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and other major online music retailers and streaming services.

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