Dying Scene – Every Last Stitch Review

“Though “Every Last Stitch” may be Chicago punk act The Mizzerables‘ first full-length album, if you were to hear it without having any knowledge of the band, you’d most-likely think it was at least their fourth record. Everything about this album, whether it be the tone of the bass or the way the sound of the vocals seems to fit perfectly with the instrumentation, is literally flawless.” —Screeching Bottlerocket, DyingScene.com (Jul 29, 2013)

Chicago Punk Rock Radio – Every Last Stitch Review

“The Mizzerables first release was an EP consisting of 2 original songs and 3 covers. The EP was spread around but did not gain much attention. That will all change after the bands debut album “Every Last Stitch” is released. The album is set to be released on Whoa! Records July 23rd. The band was kind enough to send us the album and its been a joy listening to it. The album has a classic Chicago tone throughout. I’m not sure how to describe that in text but I’ll try. Chicago punk to me a very distinctive tone found in bands such as The Lawrence Arms, Downtown Struts, and Naked Raygun. It’s not poppy but it is catchy its music that begs you to listen over and over again and your more than happy to do so. “Every Last Stitch” discusses topics of youth, love, and dedication. The album comes in at around 27 minutes but doesn’t drag at all. With this album The Mizzerables put out a welcome mat and encourage you to come in and enjoy their music.” —Michael Obrecki, Chicago Punk Rock Radio (Jul 03, 2013)

Bottoms Up Weekend / New Songs

Last weekend was a blast. We stopped by the School of Rock in Farmington, MI to hang out with their house band. The kids played some tunes for us, and us for them. It was a great time, and very rewarding. Our thanks to Sheri and all the kids at the school for welcoming us.

We then headed off to Warren, MI to film the music video for Bottoms Up. The shoot went great, and Natasha and Kevin, and all the crew and cast were great. We are really excited to see the finished product. To finish it though, we need to polish off the last pieces of the album and get the audio mastered. We are doing that this week! The album will be released digitally and in very limited quantities of vinyl and a limited run of CDs. We are shooting for a July release date.

I’ve been working on some new songs the last couple of days since I had a weekend free for the first time in a while. We’ve been very focused on the task at hand of completing the record, so my songwriting had taken a backseat. That’s not always a bad thing though. I feel after I take breaks, and come back and start putting pen to paper again, my brain has figured out some interesting new things to leverage. I’m finding myself now tackling subjects that I’m not totally comfortable addressing, but as a songwriter, that dissonance really brings through not only words with depth, but melodies and harmonic content that envelop the strain. There are some songs on “Every Last Stitch” that are very much in this vein, and these new songs seem to be bringing it all home. One of the great things about playing in this band, is that we aren’t afraid to take risks here and there, and that none of us feel tied to any sort of niche, so stepping out of our comfort zone is actually welcomed by everyone in the band, and hopefully as more material comes out, by the listeners and show goers as well.

This week I’m going to work on recording a demo of one of the new tracks to post for everyone. I’ll do a youtube thing for it. Thanks again to everyone who helped us out with the tour and video shoot! We are going to do a couple of shows in the Midwest the weekend of May 3/4. We will have details posted soon. We’ll also be hitting the road again later this year, we are thinking out west, but if you have somewhere you want us to head to, let us know!

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