Chicago Punk Rock Radio – Every Last Stitch Review

“The Mizzerables first release was an EP consisting of 2 original songs and 3 covers. The EP was spread around but did not gain much attention. That will all change after the bands debut album “Every Last Stitch” is released. The album is set to be released on Whoa! Records July 23rd. The band was kind enough to send us the album and its been a joy listening to it. The album has a classic Chicago tone throughout. I’m not sure how to describe that in text but I’ll try. Chicago punk to me a very distinctive tone found in bands such as The Lawrence Arms, Downtown Struts, and Naked Raygun. It’s not poppy but it is catchy its music that begs you to listen over and over again and your more than happy to do so. “Every Last Stitch” discusses topics of youth, love, and dedication. The album comes in at around 27 minutes but doesn’t drag at all. With this album The Mizzerables put out a welcome mat and encourage you to come in and enjoy their music.” —Michael Obrecki, Chicago Punk Rock Radio (Jul 03, 2013)

Chicago Tonight

247606_10151619003111690_2011292883_nIt’s been a good while since we played in Chicago proper. Tonight, we’ll be at Livewire Lounge, and I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces at the show. We pushed back mastering of Every Last Stitch one week to next Thursday, but we’ll have it ready soon enough. Tuesday, we are recording a new track with Jeff Dean @ Million Yen. We have a plan for the track and we’ll let you know about it soon. We will be back in the city on July 23rd for the release party for Every Last Stitch at Liars Club.

The Long Haul East

4 AM in PAWe had a great time last night in Cleveland, where we played with a host of School of Rock staff bands. Students of the teachers on stage were in the audience and were invited up to play with all of the bands, including us! The kids were amazing, and wicked talented. It was like they had been playing with us since the beginning.

After the show, we began the long haul out to Brooklyn. We drove about three hours, into Pennsylvania, and shacked up in a Super 8. I fell asleep right away, while the rest of the dudes had some Miller High Lifes. After about 4 hours of sleep, I was the first awake, and got to take a well needed shower. After the dudes used the waffle maker in the hotel to make some breakfast, we hit the road again, right on time at 9:30AM. There was no sign of any good coffee joints along the highway, so we made our first unfortunate trip to McDonald’s… It happens.

We are now about 30 minutes outside of NYC, coming in from I-80 through Newark. It has been 10 years since I’ve been to NYC, and Dave has never been, so after the show (which is a mid day show, hence our urgent drive), we plan to head to the city to hit some tourist sites. See ya on the flipside!