Bottoms Up Weekend / New Songs

Last weekend was a blast. We stopped by the School of Rock in Farmington, MI to hang out with their house band. The kids played some tunes for us, and us for them. It was a great time, and very rewarding. Our thanks to Sheri and all the kids at the school for welcoming us.

We then headed off to Warren, MI to film the music video for Bottoms Up. The shoot went great, and Natasha and Kevin, and all the crew and cast were great. We are really excited to see the finished product. To finish it though, we need to polish off the last pieces of the album and get the audio mastered. We are doing that this week! The album will be released digitally and in very limited quantities of vinyl and a limited run of CDs. We are shooting for a July release date.

I’ve been working on some new songs the last couple of days since I had a weekend free for the first time in a while. We’ve been very focused on the task at hand of completing the record, so my songwriting had taken a backseat. That’s not always a bad thing though. I feel after I take breaks, and come back and start putting pen to paper again, my brain has figured out some interesting new things to leverage. I’m finding myself now tackling subjects that I’m not totally comfortable addressing, but as a songwriter, that dissonance really brings through not only words with depth, but melodies and harmonic content that envelop the strain. There are some songs on “Every Last Stitch” that are very much in this vein, and these new songs seem to be bringing it all home. One of the great things about playing in this band, is that we aren’t afraid to take risks here and there, and that none of us feel tied to any sort of niche, so stepping out of our comfort zone is actually welcomed by everyone in the band, and hopefully as more material comes out, by the listeners and show goers as well.

This week I’m going to work on recording a demo of one of the new tracks to post for everyone. I’ll do a youtube thing for it. Thanks again to everyone who helped us out with the tour and video shoot! We are going to do a couple of shows in the Midwest the weekend of May 3/4. We will have details posted soon. We’ll also be hitting the road again later this year, we are thinking out west, but if you have somewhere you want us to head to, let us know!

P.S. you can also now shop for our stuff right here on our own site!

Bottoms Up Video Shoot tomorrow in Warren, MI!!!

GOLDHOUSELOGO_TRANSThe Bottoms Up video shoot is upon us! Thanks to Goldhouse and Natasha for organizing the shoot! The live portion happens at our show tomorrow (Saturday, April 6th, 2013!) at Toepfer House in Warren, MI. Bands start at 9pm, and the show and video shooting will all be over by 1:30am. Can’t wait to see all of you there!

2012-12-22 01.34.40Random picture of Kitty… just for you guys.

Facebook event here.

The Gabagool Tour comes to a close!

Melody Inn in Indy finished the tour nicely! We saw some dude hitting golf balls outside a cemetery… Unfortunately he didn’t come to our show.

We are driving back to Chicago tonight to sleep in our own beds. We really want to thank the dudes from Fuctiphino in Brooklyn, especially Tim, for putting us up for the night earlier this week in manhattan. It was awesome. Thank you to all the bands and everyone who made this possible and helped us along the way!

Next week we pop into Evanston, IL, then blast to Detroit to shoot the music video! It’s gonna get weird!

The Long Haul East

4 AM in PAWe had a great time last night in Cleveland, where we played with a host of School of Rock staff bands. Students of the teachers on stage were in the audience and were invited up to play with all of the bands, including us! The kids were amazing, and wicked talented. It was like they had been playing with us since the beginning.

After the show, we began the long haul out to Brooklyn. We drove about three hours, into Pennsylvania, and shacked up in a Super 8. I fell asleep right away, while the rest of the dudes had some Miller High Lifes. After about 4 hours of sleep, I was the first awake, and got to take a well needed shower. After the dudes used the waffle maker in the hotel to make some breakfast, we hit the road again, right on time at 9:30AM. There was no sign of any good coffee joints along the highway, so we made our first unfortunate trip to McDonald’s… It happens.

We are now about 30 minutes outside of NYC, coming in from I-80 through Newark. It has been 10 years since I’ve been to NYC, and Dave has never been, so after the show (which is a mid day show, hence our urgent drive), we plan to head to the city to hit some tourist sites. See ya on the flipside!

Ready… set…

2013-03-19 20.32.20 HDR 2013-03-19 20.32.25 HDR

Last night we had our last rehearsal before putting rubber to the road on Friday. The unofficial name of the tour is now the Gabagool tour… look it up… and then don’t ask why… because I still don’t get it myself.

After the Cleveland show, we have the hardest drive of the trip that we will need to start right after the show. Our destination is Brooklyn, where we have an afternoon show, so that will be a somewhat literal translation of “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”

We have a night off on Tuesday that we are going to spend in Atlantic City. None of us have ever been there, and it turns out hotel rooms are dirt cheap there, so look forward to lots of site seeing pictures!

I’m off to get the oil changed, get some keys copied, and have a tire looked at to make sure the vehicle is in tip top shape before we hit it hard with mileage over the next week. Watch here and our facebook page for updates from our trip!