Rave On

I have been a huge Buddy Holly fan since I was a kid, often hearing him on the oldies station, 104.3, that my Mom would listen to in Detroit. It would be hard for anyone to deny the huge influence his unfortunately short career had on rock n’ roll. We do our best here to honor him with our rendition of Rave On.

Joe Mizzi – Vocals / Guitar / Mandolin / Bass
Dave Vazzano – Drums

Engineered by Joe Mizzi
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Instefjord

We are Recording a New Album

This isn’t a total mystery, I’ve been sharing some updates on Facebook and Twitter, but since we are now at the point where we have the material written, and are now working out the final details for recording, I feel it’s appropriate to make it official for those in the know. We will be recording a follow up to last year’s Every Last Stitch over the coming months. We will be getting together tomorrow evening to hash out the final details. Recording may take place at a few different locations depending on the resources we have at hand. Our goal with this album, as with the last, is to get as high quality of a recording as we can with the limited resources we have. We will also be talking tomorrow about doing a fund raising campaign for the album, which will help us with recording costs, mastering, marketing, pressing, and all of the other high expenses that go along with making an album. There are a number of sites out there that provide this service to bands, and choosing which one to use will likely be the most difficult piece of that equation.

About the album, it is currently untitled, but it will be about 10-13 songs that we have written over the past 6-9 months. I’ve said from the start of this band that I did not want us to stick to a formula for what we do, and I look forward to this album being another step in that direction. While we have generally been considered some form of a punk band (punk rock, pop-punk, post-punk… do any of those even mean anything anymore?), and that will always be somewhere in the roots of what we do, this album will see us stepping out into new territory. Our goal is to have all tracking of the album completed by late June to early July. For those that participate in the fundraising campaign, that should put the album in your hands around late August if everything goes to plan, with a broad release date sometime this fall depending on if we will be doing the full release ourselves or with a partner.

We are talking with some friends about coming to the studio to do some guest spots on the album, and I could not be more excited about them coming by. In this band, the more the merrier on any record. As this band is a bit scrappy, we won’t announce these till we have completed all of their cuts for the album, but I am very excited to say the least.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support to date and look forward to returning the favor with the new album. We would like to especially thank Ech, Mike Hari, and Goldhouse for their respective work on the last album. They have made this a truly fun ride. The best thing anyone can do to help today, is to encourage a friend to download our first album for free and to sign up for our mailing list.

If you would like to get a taste of the new songs before they are released, please come to our show on May 31st at Door No 3. We will be playing a handful of the new songs mixed with songs from Every Last Stitch and likely a cover or two from The Undercover Series.

Wild Wild Life

The credit for choosing this song belongs to our friend John Kay (Koffin Kats), who sang lead on this rendition of a classic Talking Heads track. While I was in Detroit over a weekend, we got together and laid down this track. If you have never seen the video for this song, look it up to see an early performance by John Goodman. Another highlight of working on this track was working with Mass Giorgini for the first time since the Common Rider days to master it out of Sonic Iguana.

John Kay – Lead Vocals / Guitar / Drums
Joe Mizzi – Guitar / Bass / Backing Vocals

Engineered and Mixed by John Kay
Mastered by Massimiliano Giorgini
Artwork by Ech

This track is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other popular online download and streaming services.