Dying Scene – Top 10 List 2013

“It’s hard for me to put my thumb on exactly what genre The Mizzerables’ music falls under. Some of their stuff’s pop-punk, other stuff’s punk ‘n’ roll-ish, and they even dabble in a little ska and bluegrass. Their debut full-length “Every Last Stitch” may be one of the strongest debut efforts I’ve ever heard. Most bands sound like they’re still uncertain of how they wanna sound on their debut full-lengths. The Mizzerables, on the other hand, have their shit together and sound like they’ve been playing together for many years.” —Screeching Bottlerocket, Dying Scene (Dec 18, 2013)

The Marshalltown – Olympia, WA (Undercover) Review

“Rancid have been covered on several occasions, probably most notably by NOFX, but few have come across as wonderfully eclectic yet still urgent as Chicago punk rockers The Mizzerables‘ and their cover of ‘Olympia, WA’.” —Billy Ho, The Marshalltown (December 4, 2013)