May 2015 Midwest Weekend

If you live in the Midwest, we are making our way back to you this weekend! You can come see us at the dates and locations below. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to shout out to us!

May 29 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Skeletunes
May 30 – Kalamazoo, MI @ The Free Clinic
May 31 – Wyandotte, MI @ The Rockery

New album, another new album, new artwork, new guitar player!

It’s been a busy few months here in The Mizzerables’ camp. We announced on Facebook recently that we have a new guitar player, Pete Mittler, who has previously played with bands like Naked Raygun, The Bomb, and The Methadones. Pete’s a great guy, and to say the least, we are stoked this all worked out.

We are about 90% done with the new album which we are tentatively (but pretty affirmatively) calling As I Am. Everything has tracked and mixed at Million Yen Studios with Jeff Dean. We are going back to the studio for one more day to clean up anything from the mixes after we have some time to let them settle in our ears. After that, we move on to mastering. We don’t have release plans yet, but will certainly announce when we have plans in order.

Since Pete joined the band, we have also written a number of new songs. We are planning to do a 4-ish song recording of some of those tunes soon. Again, no release plans yet, but we hope to have this recorded within the next couple of months.

Ech started working on a new set of artwork for us for the new album. You can see the new logo above. As always, we think it looks pretty awesome.

Also, we will be putting out some new Undercover tracks soon. We got sidelined with life and stuff along with recording the album. We are hoping to have the next new track up within the next few weeks.

This Thursday, March 19th, we will be at Liar’s Club for Rock in Chicago‘s Cause for PAWS benefit. All proceeds will go to support local no-kill animal shelters. Hope to see you there!

We are Recording a New Album

This isn’t a total mystery, I’ve been sharing some updates on Facebook and Twitter, but since we are now at the point where we have the material written, and are now working out the final details for recording, I feel it’s appropriate to make it official for those in the know. We will be recording a follow up to last year’s Every Last Stitch over the coming months. We will be getting together tomorrow evening to hash out the final details. Recording may take place at a few different locations depending on the resources we have at hand. Our goal with this album, as with the last, is to get as high quality of a recording as we can with the limited resources we have. We will also be talking tomorrow about doing a fund raising campaign for the album, which will help us with recording costs, mastering, marketing, pressing, and all of the other high expenses that go along with making an album. There are a number of sites out there that provide this service to bands, and choosing which one to use will likely be the most difficult piece of that equation.

About the album, it is currently untitled, but it will be about 10-13 songs that we have written over the past 6-9 months. I’ve said from the start of this band that I did not want us to stick to a formula for what we do, and I look forward to this album being another step in that direction. While we have generally been considered some form of a punk band (punk rock, pop-punk, post-punk… do any of those even mean anything anymore?), and that will always be somewhere in the roots of what we do, this album will see us stepping out into new territory. Our goal is to have all tracking of the album completed by late June to early July. For those that participate in the fundraising campaign, that should put the album in your hands around late August if everything goes to plan, with a broad release date sometime this fall depending on if we will be doing the full release ourselves or with a partner.

We are talking with some friends about coming to the studio to do some guest spots on the album, and I could not be more excited about them coming by. In this band, the more the merrier on any record. As this band is a bit scrappy, we won’t announce these till we have completed all of their cuts for the album, but I am very excited to say the least.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support to date and look forward to returning the favor with the new album. We would like to especially thank Ech, Mike Hari, and Goldhouse for their respective work on the last album. They have made this a truly fun ride. The best thing anyone can do to help today, is to encourage a friend to download our first album for free and to sign up for our mailing list.

If you would like to get a taste of the new songs before they are released, please come to our show on May 31st at Door No 3. We will be playing a handful of the new songs mixed with songs from Every Last Stitch and likely a cover or two from The Undercover Series.

The Becky Tour 2014!

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while since you have heard from us, but we have not been idle! Tomorrow we start a week on the road around the midwest. Here are the dates:

3/21 – Chicago, IL – Liars Club (RSVP)
3/22 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Flamingo Lounge (RSVP)
3/23 – Ferndale, MI – New Way Bar (RSVP)
3/25 – Akron, OH – Annabelle’s Bar and Lounge (RSVP)
3/26 – Columbus, OH – Bernie’s
3/28 – Mishawaka, IN – TJ’s Wander Inn Tavern (RSVP)
3/29 – Peoria Heights, IL – Mates Fest 5 @ Peoria Pizza Works (RSVP)

See you out there!

New Video Filming / Upcoming Shows

We will be filming a new video during a short road trip at the end of November for the song “One More Day” with Gold House. Here are all the upcoming shows we have:

Thu, October 31 @ Mutiny – Chicago, IL
Fri, November 1 @ Liars Club – Chicago, IL
Thu, November 21 @ Brass Rail – Fort Wayne, IN
Fri, November 22 @ Fifth Quarter Lounge – Indianapolis, IN
Sun, November 24 @ PJ’s Lager House – Detroit, MI

Check out our previous work with Gold House in the video for Bottoms Up!