11078173_10101335573147721_991236652964811148_oMixing gritty vocals and a poppy, melodic sensibility with a bit of an aggressive streak, the Mizzerables are the kind of band that makes you want to put your arm around your buddy’s shoulders, raise your beer and sing at the top of your lungs.

Joe Mizzi, formerly of Common Rider and About the Mess, provides lead vocals and guitar. Pete Mittler recently joined the band playing guitar. Pete has previously been a member of such formative acts as The Methadones, Naked Raygun, and The Bomb. Korey Brisendine, also of Bottle Kids and Reuther, plays bass and Dave Vazzano, a workhorse in the Chicago music scene, plays drums.

The Mizzerables released their debut album, Every Last Stitch, in 2013 and have also released a number of unique takes on cover songs through their Undercover series. The band is currently working with Jeff Dean (All Eyes West, The Bomb, Dead Ending) at Million Yen Studios on a new album as well as working independently on another EP of songs written since Pete has joined the band.