Chicago Punk Rock Radio – Every Last Stitch Review

“The Mizzerables first release was an EP consisting of 2 original songs and 3 covers. The EP was spread around but did not gain much attention. That will all change after the bands debut album “Every Last Stitch” is released. The album is set to be released on Whoa! Records July 23rd. The band was kind enough to send us the album and its been a joy listening to it. The album has a classic Chicago tone throughout. I’m not sure how to describe that in text but I’ll try. Chicago punk to me a very distinctive tone found in bands such as The Lawrence Arms, Downtown Struts, and Naked Raygun. It’s not poppy but it is catchy its music that begs you to listen over and over again and your more than happy to do so. “Every Last Stitch” discusses topics of youth, love, and dedication. The album comes in at around 27 minutes but doesn’t drag at all. With this album The Mizzerables put out a welcome mat and encourage you to come in and enjoy their music.” —Michael Obrecki, Chicago Punk Rock Radio (Jul 03, 2013)

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